Hello Production Friends,

I am a freelance motion graphics animator and compositor living in New York City.  I graduated with a degree in film and a handful of traditional animation courses under my belt. However it was not until after undergrad that I really got hooked on After Effects. It’s funny how I never knew before what motion graphics or compositing meant, let alone considered it as a career.

I remember staying up late in high school just watching MTV music videos and bumper ads, eyes glued to this intangible indescribable digital magic. Now when I explain it to friends and family who have no idea what I’m talking about, I say,  “It’s basically graphic design in motion.” There is usually a blank stare. Then I say, “I can make crazy moving text or change out the background of something shot on green screen.” It’s much more than that, but at least they sort of get it.

Animation is infinitely creative in the sense that you literally can make anything you imagine, with the precise control of every single frame.  I also love the technical aspects of various 2D and 3D software that I find are incredibly stimulating and challenging. There is always another tutorial to watch and every colleague can teach you a trick you didn’t know before.  Similar to other areas of production, there is a ton of variety from project to project and I am constantly collaborating to come up with new styles and techniques. And as if that isn’t enough excitement, I’m also living the glamorous freelance life working at commercial studios, at home, or even from my laptop while on vacation.

It took me awhile to get to this place and it was a rocky road to get to the point where work was consistent and I could stop worrying about what my next gig would be. However, that was totally worth it to me now because I have the freedom and flexibility of the lifestyle I want. My family lives all over the country and I have an insatiable desire to travel, so I love that no one can tell me how many vacation days I can take a year. On the financial side, freelance has certainly turned me into a businesswoman, and I love that I can make as much money as I can bear to hustle.

It’s from these experiences that I want to continue to share tips, resources, and advice to any freelance creative out there. I’m honored to be contributing to, and share the same mission in wanting us all to connect, learn, and help each other grow.

Your Mograph Mama, NYC